Leaders in Printing Innovation

Please note that these printing services are available to other states and all three levels of government in Ghana, but not to the public.
The GPCL provides three disciplines related to the manufacturing of printed matter, being origination, printing, and finishing, as well as related specialised services.


These services relate to the preparation of text, in a format ready for printing, and include:
  • Typesetting – a customer can deliver text in written format, which the GPCL will typeset.
  • Layout and design – the GPCL can assist the customer to design new documents and to do the layout required for printing.
  • Acceptance of document in most electronic formats and converting such documents to printed formats.
The above includes the development of security features required to safeguard documents against forgery, such as micro text, guilloche backgrounds, vignettes and more.


Once the document is received from origination, it can be printed as: 
  • Offset printing – full colour, high quality printing in sheet format, such as posters, annual reports, passport visa pages and more.
  • Continuous printing – full colour jobs/ single colour jobs printed in high volumes, including newsletters, census forms, voter registration forms and more.
  • Digital printing – either full colour or black & white. Digital printing is used for production of variable data (no two documents are the same), such as voters’ rolls, personalisation of documents such as certificates and more.


After receiving printed matter from the print rooms, finishing operations are executed to deliver the printed matter in its final format as:
  • Sheeted
  • Fan folded packs
  • Sprocketed continuous stationery (also multipart)
  • Multipart snapsets
  • Folded forms
  • Perfect bound books
  • Multipart
  • Reel-to-reel format
  • Books (side stitched and saddle stitched)
  • Full-bound books (including genuine leather)
  • Foil blocking
All of the above relate to both security printing jobs and non-security printing jobs.