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February 18, 2019
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The Ghana Publishing Company Limited (GPCL) on Friday, February 15, 2019 signed a Memorandum of Understanding with The Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) at the University Council Chamber of The KNUST. The MOU is to serve as a legally binding agreement initiated by the Ghana publishing Company, jointly signed with the KNUST for both parties to collaborate on mutually beneficial activities in the areas of research, skills/expertise exchange and human resource capacity building.

The MOU will provide the opportunity for both institutions to jointly pursue and collaborate on printing and publishing contracts, offer internship and job placement opportunities for printing and publishing students/graduates of KNUST and the organization of training and refresher programmes for staff of Ghana Publishing Company Limited.

Professor Kwasi Obiri-Danso, Vice Chancellor of KNUST, expressed his appreciation at the signing of the MOU. He mentioned that he hoped the agreement will help in fostering a stronger relationship which will inure to the benefit of both institutions. He encouraged GPCL to position itself to meet printing and publishing demands of the local economy. He also added that the University intends to use the opportunity provided by the agreement to provide valuable practical experience for its publishing and printing students and also collaborate in the design of publishing and printing related courses which satisfy current demands in the printing and publishing industry.

Mr David Boateng Asante, Managing Director of Ghana Publishing Company Limited, stated that the signing of the MOU forms part of ongoing initiatives by the Board and Management GPCL to revamp and retool the Company as the principal State printing and publishing institution solely responsible for printing and publishing government works. He added that the opportunity for staff of GPCL to receive human capacity building training and access to qualified printing and publishing manpower is a motivation behind the initiative to collaborate with KNUST.

The Board Chairman of GPCL, Doctor Daniel Owusu-Ansah stressed on GPCL’s commitment to provide internship and national service opportunities for students and graduates from the Publishing department of KNUST, joint pursuit of printing and publishing contracts and the establishment of a relationship to share skills, expertise and infrastructure.

Ghana Publishing Company Limited would like to express its disappointment at comments made on, dated January 28, 2019 under the caption “Assembly press is headed by an NPP man; they can mess us up”, by the Deputy General Secretary of NDC, Mr Peter Otukunor, calling into question the professionalism and integrity of its Managing Director, Mr David Boateng Asante.

is unfortunate that during a period when Ghana is riding a wave of unity, a high-ranking member of the NDC can make such unfounded and divisive remarks about a Managing Director of a State-Owned Enterprise, mandated by law to serve the good people of this nation.

The statement by Mr Otukunor, is even more baffling considering the enormous strides taken by the Mr David Boateng Asante led administration to transform Ghana Publishing Company Limited from a Company on its knees to one which has become a beacon of hope and a shining example to many other SOEs, notwithstanding all the legacy challenges and constraints inherited from the previous administration.

Mr Asante, under the guidance of the Board of Directors has performed his duties without bias. He has exhibited a high sense of professionalism and integrity in managing the Company, eschewing any form of partisanship. Under his administration GPCL has experienced unprecedented infrastructural development, the acquisition of much-needed modern and sophisticated printing machines and the development of the human resource capacity of the Company through the sponsorship of numerous academic pursuits. Productivity and efficiency have increased exponentially and staff welfare has been a core component during his brief but productive tenure.

Ghana Publishing Company Limited is the sole institution mandated by law to publish the Ghana Gazette and the printing and gazetting of legislative documents such as Acts, Legislative Instruments (LI) and Executive Instruments (EI). It is therefore rather unfortunate that a political activist will make such unsavoury comments about an institution which plays such a crucial role in Ghana’s governance framework.

Public confidence in the Ghana Publishing Company Limited is on the rise and it is in this vein that we find the comments about the Managing Director and the Company at large rather disturbing and unacceptable. This new-found confidence can be directly linked to the efforts of the present administration to transform the Company into a modern printing and publishing establishment. Comments such as those attributed to Mr Otukunor will not derail our efforts to produce quality service to Ghana.

We want to assure the public, irrespective of what political disposition one belongs to, that Ghana Publishing Company Limited is capable and ready to meet your printing and publishing needs. We will also take this opportunity to inform corporate bodies and all political parties that we are open to transact business at competitive and discounted rates.

Signed: Management

On the 8th of October 2018, the C.E.O of Ghana Publishing Company Limited, Mr David Boateng Asante, responded to an invitation to visit the Minnesota Branch of Books for Africa. Books for Africa is the largest shipper of donated text and library books to the African continent; shipping over 41 million books to all 55 countries on the African continent since 1988. The mission of the organization is simple: to collect, sort, ship, and distribute books to students of all ages in Africa. The goal is to end the book famine in Africa. In the fiscal year 2018 alone, Books for Africa shipped 2.3 million books, and 123 computers and e-readers containing 283,000 digital books, to 29 African countries. More than $2.2 million was raised last year to ship these books to the students of Africa. Our country Ghana has been one of the largest recipients of books from Books for Africa. This visit was to re-establish the commitment that Books for Africa has with Ghana, and to further deepen the relationship

A delegation comprising Board of Directors and the Management of Ghana Publishing Company Limited (GPCL) led by the Board Chairman, Dr Daniel Owusu-Ansah, on Monday, April 16, 2018 paid a working visit to the Vice Chancellor of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), the Department of Publishing Studies and the University Printing Press.

The visit forms part of initiatives by the administration of GPCL to restructure and revamp the company to meet international printing and publishing standards and fulfil its mandate as the official Government print and publishing house.

Dr Owusu-Ansah, in his opening remarks, during the meeting with the Vice Chancellor, mentioned, that the rationale behind the visit is to hold discussions on improving the operations of GPCL and the potential development of a working relationship between the two institutions in areas such as capacity building, exchange of knowledge, skills and expertise.

The Vice Chancellor, Professor Kwasi Obiri-Danso, in his welcome address, lauded the Managing Director (MD) of GPCL, Mr. David Boateng Asante, an alumnus, a former SRC President, Board member and a former member of the Governing Council of KNUST, on his appointment as MD of GPCL and expressed his confidence in his ability to transform Ghana Publishing Company Limited to meet international standards.

He added the University is willing and open to any potential collaboration between the two institutions.

He stated that a strong relationship will create prospects for students from the University to undertake industrial attachment and internship programmes with GPCL and also opportunities to develop training programmes for the staff of GPCL.

The Managing Director of GPCL, Mr. David Boateng Asante specified that one of the objectives of the present administration of the company is to bridge the gap between academia and industry within the printing and publishing sector.

It is in this regard that the company is seeking to establish a connection with KNUST to synchronise the operations of both institutions in relation to printing and publishing.

The delegation from GPCL also visited the Department of Publishing Studies and held discussions with the Head of Department, Mr Reuben Glover.

Mr Glover expressed appreciation for the efforts made by GPCL to establish a relationship with the department.

He mentioned that it is about time GPCL plays a prominent role in the improvement and promotion of printing and publishing in Ghana, therefore any plans to collaborate with the department is a step in the right direction.

The delegation concluded its working visit with a familiarisation tour of the University Printing Press to interact, share experiences and learn new and innovative ideas about operations within the printing and publishing environment.

Source: Peace fm online

The Managing Director, David Asante Boateng, told the Public Accounts Committee on Thursday that the company which prior to 2008 enjoyed exclusivity in the printing of some sensitive government documents including ballot papers, has lost the rights.

The company, he said, lacks both technical expertise and state-of-the-art equipment required to make it competitive in the printing and publishing industry to attract jobs in order to be sustainable.

Currently the company is only engaged in the gazetting of public documents and legislative instruments passed by Parliament. Beyond that Mr Asante Boateng revealed that most government agencies as well as Parliament also owe the company huge sums. He said a law passed in 2007 that required the government to cede 20 per cent of public printing works to the company but that has not been well-implemented. “If this particular law is practically activated, I believe we shall be overwhelmed with job and the organization will be turned around into a profit making institution,”, he assured.

In view of the current financial state of the company, Mr Asante Boateng, has appealed to the government to recapitalise the company to make it productive and self-sufficient. He said the company is not under government subvention; hence the need for a recapitalisation to make it survive in today’s competitive market.

Asked by the Chairman of the committee James Klutse Avedzi, if under his leadership can repackage the company to be more viable, he said: “I believe strongly we have a team of competent management in place. The sector ministry is very much interested in the wellbeing and the overall re-establishment of the organization”. Mr Asante Boateng expressed optimism of better days, if government recapitalises the company.

The Minister of Information, Mr Mustapha Abdul-Hamid, has advocated capital injection into the operations of the Ghana Publishing Company Limited (GPCL) in order to enhance its profitability.

He said such a move would ensure that GPCL competed with other vibrant publishing firms in the country.
Mr Abdul-Hamid noted that so far three foreign firms had expressed interest to partner the Ghana Publishing Company Limited (GPCL) in its operations.

Strategy papers

The minister said the companies, which comprised Spanish, French and Indian, were requesting strategy papers to study the company’s strength, weakness and viability. Mr Abdul-Hamid said this when he and other officials of the Information Ministry toured the GPCL Office in Accra to ascertain how it operated its businesses.

The minister was taken round by Mr David Kwame Dzreke, Managing Director, GPCL, and other staff. The minister said it was prudent to let the public know that the GPCL was viable and could compete with others in the printing industry. He said he was elated that the company was able to print 300 copies of last Tuesday’s President’s State of the Nation Address within 24 hours, and same were distributed to Members of Parliament.

The President Nana Akufo Addo has appointed the Convener of pressure group, Let my vote Count Alliance (LMVCA), Mr David Asante as the new Managing Director of Ghana Publishing Company.

The LMVCA headed by Mr David Asante had in the run-up to the 2016 elections engaged in a back and forth with the police over its decision to picket at the offices of the EC to present a petition for a new voters’ register.

Ghana Publishing Company was established in 1965 as a corporation, but is now one of twenty five limited liability companies with 100 percent government shareholding.
The Ghana Publishing has over the years been saddled with the problems of a low public image, patronage of products and services and poor state of buildings and machinery.

Mr David Asante stated in an interview that he hopes to turn things around and make the company a leading name in the publishing industry.
“I have been given a major sector of this economy to manage and I am hoping to bring a lot of expertise to bear to change the whole scope of publishing in this country. It is a major hub for the government to make a lot of revenue. I hope to bring a lot of changes to the place,” he said.

He further believed that the company, when managed well, will be able to enhance profitability.
“Being a state institution, there is the likelihood and the tendency that they may cry out because of lack of funding but I believe as an autonomous wing or department in the government when we manage it well, we will not need government effort to put resources in there. We need diligent management to make the place active and make it a profit-centered organisation. We hope to get down there and make it work better,” Mr Asante added.
His appointment was set to take effect on August 1, 2017.


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